Use “In Scale” product images to get more sales & fewer returns

Visualsized are an “In Scale” product image service. Instantly let your users judge the physical size of your products by showing them to scale, next to familiar objects

In Scale Handbag

Size really does matter!

Product images are among the most utilized online store content, and research shows that 42% of users will attempt to gauge the overall scale and size of a product from its product photos.

Without “In Scale” images, users often misinterpret the size of products and discard relevant items, and in some cases abandon the site completely. In addition, accurately representing your product improves user experience, limits returns, and builds brand loyalty.

28% of ecommerce sites do not provide any “In Scale” images on their product pages

How it works

  1. Send us your product photos and dimensions

2. You select a style of “in scale” template. We manually cut out each product and overlay it to scale on your template, with dimension bars so your users can instantly judge its size

3. You get web ready “In Scale” images for your website, make more sales and get fewer returns

Different styles of
“In Scale” images

We create various styles of “In Scale” image depending on the type and size of your product, allowing users to instantly gauge its physical size. See some examples.

“In Scale” images help to avoid user confusion!

By presenting your products to scale relative to a person or familiar object, you can reduce the number of purchasing mistakes…

Benefits of using Visualsized for “In Scale” images

Improve user experience

More sales

Fewer customer returns

High quality web ready images

Cost effective



$3.30 per image

Setup fee: $50

Price based on batch supply of images and product information from you. We can extract images and product information from your website for an additional cost, please request a quote.

Not sure? Let us create an “In Scale” image for one of your products, totally free.